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Dallas, TX

1996 Senior Corporal Ronald Iscaro
1997 Corporal Robert McGovern
1998 Police Officer David Llewellyn
1999 Senior Corporal Thomas Cicio
2000 Sergeant Tony Crawford
2001 Officer Kenneth Hall
2002 Sergeant Fred Katani
2003 Senior Corporal Sherry Goelden
2004 Officer Robert Becker
2005 Police Officer Douglas Brady
2006 Sergeant Laura Beattie
2007 Sergeant Joseph Mullen
2008 Senior Corporal Jerry Poston
2009 Sergeant Curtis Braziel
2010 Senior Corporal Jeremy Borchardt
2014 Officer Richard A. Whitt
2015 Police Officer Jimmy Hollis
2016 Senior Corporal Kevin Scahill
2017 Detective Edmundo Lujan
2018 Officer Zacharie Perez
2019 Officer Crystal Almeida

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