Police Officer Nicholas Brando

Police Officer Brando, a member of the Nassau County Police Department since July 1992, was on duty January 5, 2014 and working in the Bureau of Special Operations when he responded into Jamaica Estates, Queens, to assist other BSO teams to locate and arrest a subject that was wanted by the Nassau County Police Department’s Second Squad for a robbery and burglary that occurred in Hicksville several days earlier. While attempting to affect the lawful arrest of the subject, the subject intentionally drove his vehicle at Officer Brando, striking him and crushing his legs between the subject’s car and another vehicle. Officer Brando sustained severe crushing injuries to both legs. The subject’s actions also caused another BSO officer to fire his weapon striking the subject in the chest. The subject survived his injury and was charged with multiple counts of robbery, burglary, as well as criminal possession and use of a firearm and weapon. Officer Brando was transported from the scene to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset.

Officer Brando sustained severe damage to the muscular, circulatory, skeletal and nervous systems of both legs which included a non-displaced fracture to the right fibula, deep bone and muscular bruising, loss of nerve function, and diminished circulatory function. The injuries resulted in multiple blood clots in his left leg. He also suffered from Cellulitis, a painful infection at the skin level. He spent 6 days in the hospital and was unable to walk without a walker for several weeks. He missed a total of 76 actual work days and spent 2 weeks on restricted assignment. After going to physical therapy 3 times a week for approximately five and a half months, he made his way back to full duty on July 14, 2014. Still experiencing pain, tingling and fatigue due to the trauma inflicted on both legs, he continues to follow up with an orthopedic doctor, as well as neurologist and vascular specialist.

This severe injury and partial permanent disability could have easily ended his career as a police officer. Officer Brando was determined to overcome his major physical challenge and due to his hard work and dedication, he has made his way back to full duty and picked up where he left off prior to the injury. He is one of the most active and highly motivated members of his unit and is an inspiration to his co-workers. Officer Brando has not given in to his injury and thus has been steadfast in his refusal to accept a less fulfilling role in both his professional and personal life.


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