Police Officer Jimmy Hollis

On April 10, 2015 the Dallas Police Department held the Seventeenth Annual Theodore Roosevelt Award Ceremony to present Officer Jimmy Hollis as this year’s recipient.

Police Officer Jimmy Hollis was diagnosed with an infection in 2006 that resulted in his placement on a heart transplant wait list. During his wait, Officer Hollis continued to work at the Firearms Training Center, trained, and instructed both recruits and fellow officers. In 2012, Jimmy received a new heart, and returned to work as soon as his doctor released him. After an extensive rehabilitation, Officer Jimmy Hollis is back to full duty, and continues to be a vital member of the Dallas Police Department.

As explained by Officer Douglas Brady, “Jimmy Hollis exemplifies the dedication and perseverance that makes the Dallas Police Department one of the best agencies in the nation. For this reason, and many others; for his tireless efforts to effectively train the Officers of the Dallas Police Department; for his courage in the face of certain death; and for his ability to overcome and fully recover from a heart transplant, I am proud to recommend Officer Jimmy Hollis for the 2015 Theodore Roosevelt Award.”


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