Senior Corporal Kevin Scahill

On May 16, 2016 the Dallas Police Department held the Eighteenth Annual Theodore Roosevelt Award Ceremony. This years recipient is Senior Corporal Kevin Scahill.

Senior Corporal Kevin Scahill is currently assigned to the Dallas Police Department Property Unit. He has been a member of the Dallas Police Department for over 33 years. More than 16 years ago, he was seriously injured in an off-duty automobile accident. As a result of his accident he became partially paralyzed and his injury left him unable to engage in many physical activities. After the onset of his sustained injuries on August 2, 2000, he was reassigned to the Property Unit. His disability has not hindered him from striving to excel in performing his duties and to be the best employee possible. He always finds a way to perform his duties at an unmatched level in spite of his limited mobility. His willingness to take on daily challenges is a true inspiration to everyone. Scahill is the 18th recipient of the Theodore Roosevelt Award.


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