Police Officer II Jeffrey Swett

Officer Swett is an exceptional police officer. He is very knowledgeable and accomplished and has received numerous awards throughout his 25 year career, including being awarded Central Division’s MADD Officer of the Year a total of ten times since 2004. To date, he has arrested over 1,800 DUI drivers. His work ethic is outstanding.

While working on patrol on January 13, 2015, Officers Swett and Brett Byler responded to a home in Barrio Logan where residents reported a man was outside acting bizarrely, breaking in through a window and threatening to kill them. The suspect fled from the scene before the officers arrived.

The suspect, who had been hiding in a business across the alley, jumped into Officer Swett’s patrol SUV and drove it at both officers. Officer Swett was knocked onto the hood of the vehicle as the suspect continued to accelerate. Officer Blyer fired four rounds, wounding the suspect in the leg. Officer Swett was then thrown into a corrugated metal fence. The SUV ran up a utility pole wire and got lodged with the front end high in the air. The suspect was bitten by a police dog and taken into custody.

Officer Swett was rushed to the hospital. He sustained a broken left femur, a broken left fibula, a total of three broken bones in both wrists, a broken neck, two fractures to his spine, several broken ribs, a tear in his aorta and a deep laceration from his forehead to the crown of his head. He was in the hospital for two weeks and in a rehabilitation center for one week. Officer Swett then went home and was wheelchair bound for six months. He underwent a total of six surgeries on his neck, leg and both wrists throughout his hospital stay and grueling recovery period. Doctors told him these injuries were career ending. But they were proven wrong. He returned to work, full duty, in mid-November, 2015, just ten months after sustaining a multitude of extreme, debilitating injuries. And this is not the first time Officer Swett has beaten the odds and overcome severe injuries.

In January 2013 Officer Swett jumped over a fence to investigate a domestic violence incident. His foot slipped upon landing and he broke his left tibia and fibula into a total of 53 pieces. He required three surgeries to repair the injuries and now has two plates from his knee to his ankle to support his leg. Doctors told him this injury was career ending, but after six months of recuperation, Officer Swett returned to full duty.

In October 2013 Officer Swett was struggling with a combative suspect when he sustained a right broken tibia and after six months of recuperation, he again returned to full duty.

Officer Swett’s miraculous perseverance to recover from these career ending injuries is a testament to his extraordinary character, determination and commitment to his family and community he serves


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