de Jordan, George

Pardons 211

Granted on the recommendation of Thomas Sturgis, President of the Board of Managers, and of Frank W. Robertson, Acting General Superintendent of the Reformatory. Sherman pleaded guilty, but from a careful examination of the facts, it appears that there was really no attempt to commit burglary, the act complained of being simply a trespass.

December 21 1900. George de Jordan. Sentenced December 16, 1893; county, Jefferson; crime, burglary, first degree; maximum term, twenty years; prison, State Reformatory. Transferred to Matteawan State Hospital.

The prisoner went into a boarding-house and stole a few articles of trifling value. Although the facts were such as technically to constitute burglary in the first degree, there was nothing in the case demanding severe punishment. Imprisonment for seven years is more than enough.


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