Cosgrove, Peter

220 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

Commuted to five months, thirteen days, actual time.

Slattery was sentenced to serve two terms of five years each upon two indictments, one for grand larceny and the other for burglary, the second term to begin at the expiration of the first. He has served the first term with the usual deduction for good behavior, and is now serving the second. The judge and the district attorney are of the opinion that as the burglary was not a very serious offense, consisting only in breaking and entering a barn or hen house, the punishment already inflicted has been sufficient and recommend that the second sentence be commuted and the prisoner released.

July 27, 1900. Thomas Roberts. Sentenced December 24, 1898; county, Clinton; crime, assault, second degree; term, one year, eight months; prison, Clinton.

Commuted to four months and twelve days, actual time.

In addition to the sentence of one year and eight months, Roberts is required by law to serve out the commutation of about one year and three months, earned by him for good behavior under a former sentence, which he forfeited by his second conviction. The judge and the district attorney are of the opinion that under the circumstances of the case it would be exceedingly unjust to compel him to do this, and they unite in recommending that his punishment be limited to service of the new term. The commutation granted will effect this as nearly as is now possible.

July 31, 1900. Peter Cosgrove. Sentenced August 18, 1896; county, New York; crime, robbery, second degree; term, eleven years; prison, Sing Sing.

Commuted to three years, eleven months and seventeen days, actual time.


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