Memorandum filed with approved bill relating to State Soldiers and Sailors' Home (A. 2293)

Avenue Improvements In Brooklyn 133

The equitable argument for them appears as strong as in the case of the bill already approved by the local authorities providing for the continuation of a street by bridge over the Harlem. In each case the circumstances are so unusual that a change must be made in the ordinary method of making assessments and the burden to a certain extent be borne by the city at large. The needs of the Borough of Brooklyn are so great that, where they are flagrantly disregarded by the local municipal authorities, in exceptional cases, an appeal must lie to the State Legislature. Such an appeal must not be made save in these exceptional cases where there has been flagrant injustice; but when this injustice is clearly shown it is the right of the Legislature to act.
Theodore Roosevelt

Memorandum Filed With Approved Assembly Bill No. 2293,Relating to the Soldiers and Sailors’ Home

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, May 4, 1900

Memorandum filed with Assembly bill printed No. 2293, entitled “An Act relating to the State Board of Charities and their control and management of the New York State Soldiers and Sailors’ Home”—Approved

It has been the consistent policy of the Nation and State to differentiate in the sharpest manner between


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