Memorandum filed with approved bill regulating teachers' salaries, New York City (S. 1034)

130 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

I have already signed a bill somewhat similar in character introduced by Senator NORTON relative to court attendants in Queens county, under an opinion given me by the Attorney General that it was not a city bill. Under these circumstances I have appended my signature to this bill.

Theodore Roosevelt

Memorandum Filed With Approved Senate Bill No. 1034, Amending the New York City Charter As to Teachers’ Salaries

State Of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, May 3, 1900

Memorandum filed with Senate bill, printed No. 1034, introduced by Senator David Floyd Davis, entitled “An Act to amend chapter three hundred and seventy-eight of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, entitled ‘An Act to unite into one municipality, under the corporate name of the City of New York, the various communities lying in and about New York harbor, including the city and county of New York, the city of Brooklyn and the county of Kings, the county of Richmond, and part of the county of Queens, and to provide for the government thereof’, relative to the Department of Education, for the purpose of establishing a uniform salary schedule and providing funds therefor”—Approved

This bill is obscurely, or perhaps it would be better to say, clumsily drawn on one or two points. Its general purpose, however, is admirable, and the best educators,


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