Kearney, notary public – Matter of

180 Public Papers Of Governor Roosevelt

before such commissioner proceed with all convenient speed.

GIVEN under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State at the Capitol in the city of Albany this fifth day of June in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred. [L.S]

Theodore Roosevelt

By the Governor:
WM. J. Youngs
Secretary to the Governor

Matter of Kearney, Notary Public — Decision and Opinion

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, June 12, 1900

In the Matter of the Charges preferred against John F. Kearney, notary public, by Seigbert G. Lewin — Decision and opinion

From the testimony it appears that the accused clearly violated the statute in charging more than the legal fees for notarial services rendered by him; but there were extenuating circumstances which must be considered. The complainant appeared long after what are generally accepted as business hours, and was persistent and insistent in securing the services of the accused, who was then in bed, and who at some personal discomfort complied with the request that he appear in his official capacity. The testimony of the complainant really shows that he was


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