Canals, with report of committee on

Message — Canal Question 73

I call your attention to the whole report which should be read and studied in detail. The Commission held its hearings not only in New York and in the West, but also visited all the important seaports which are the business rivals of New York. We cannot afford to blink the fact that there has been a very serious loss in New York's commerce, and that the State cannot permit this loss to go unchecked. The Commission has gone at great length into all the various causes for the state of things described. Prompt action should be taken to remedy the evils complained of. We cannot afford to rest idle while our commerce is taken away from us, and we must act in the broadest and most liberal and most energetic spirit if we wish to retain the State's commercial supremacy. In accordance with the direction of the statute, the Commission will speedily submit drafts of bills designed to carry its recommendations into effect.

Theodore Roosevelt

Message Accompanying Report of the Committee on the Canal Question

State of New York
Executive Chamber,
Albany, January 25, 1900

To the Legislature:

I submit herewith the report of the Canal Committee appointed by me March 8th, 1899, to carefully investigate the whole question of the proper policy which the State



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