Annual Message

Annual Message 7 Annual Message State of New York

Executive Chamber Albany, January 3, 1900

To the Legislature of the State of New York:

It is a very genuine pleasure to congratulate the Legislature upon the substantial sum of achievement in legislation and administration of the past year. Laws of the utmost usefulness to the community have been enacted, and there has been a steady betterment throughout the year in the methods and results of the administration of the government.


The first matter which had to be dealt with on the incoming of the new administration was the question of the canals. New York State led the Union in the development of canal navigation. Of recent years the change in the methods of transportation, by immensely increasing the railroad competition with the canal, has greatly altered the conditions of successful administration of the latter. There were really two questions to be solved in reference to the canals. The first was as to their administration; the second as to the general canal policy of the State in the future. A very slight examination showed that as regards the latter there were not sufficient data to warrant the formulation of an intelligent policy. A commission appointed by my predecessor to examine into the conditions which make for the commercial supremacy


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