Letter to Sheriff Welch

Correspondence 279

Letter to Mr. Welch Accompanying his Appointment as Sheriff of Washington County

July 11, 1900

Mr. Henry Welch, North Hebron, N. Y.:

Sir: I have concluded to appoint you as sheriff in place of Hulett who has resigned under charges, not venturing to await my decision in the matter. It is unnecessary to say to you that no connection direct or indirect of Mr. Hulett with the office can be tolerated for one moment. I expect you also to remove his undersheriff, clerk and any one else in the office who has had any connection what ever with the purchase of supplies or with any of the acts that have been the subject of charges. I need hardly point out to you that you stand in a position of peculiar delicacy and that it is incumbent upon you to so manage the office as to prevent so much as a suspicion of wrongdoing of any kind attaching to it. I have a right to expect from you that the office shall be managed on the highest plane of efficiency and integrity and wholly without regard to any personal or political consideration.

Very truly yours,

Theodore Roosevelt


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