Police Officer Martin Morabe

TRA 2017 Police Awards Recipient

2017 TRA Police Awards Recipient, San Diego Harbor, Police Officer Martin MorabeOfficer Morabe has been a police officer for 29 years. He first served with San Diego Harbor Police Department before he lateralled to the Oceanside Police Department. He had two desires as a young police officer. One was to be a member of SWAT; the other was to be a motor officer. Officer Morabe was an original member of Oceanside’s first tactical team PRT/SWAT. He was selected as a motor officer in 2008.

Officer Morabe is described as a dedicated police officer, the kind of officer you want by your side. Officer Morabe was a recipient of the department’s Medal of Valor Award for pulling his trainee out of a burning patrol car. Officer Morabe is a leader and a fighter, someone who never gives up and someone who never seeks accolades.

Had Officer Morabe not had the above traits, he might not have been able to return to work after March 23, 2015. While responding to an accident, Officer Morabe was struck by a vehicle. He was ejected approximately 30 feet in the air off his motorcycle. His partners said he looked like a rag doll. He struck a concrete retaining wall before landing on his back. It was evident he had sustained a severe injury to his left leg. He was transported to Scripps La Jolla Hospital where he underwent surgery. He had multiple fractures of his left femur at his pelvis. Titanium screws were placed into his pelvis and left knee and a titanium rod was inserted through his entire left femur. After one week, he was transferred to another hospital for in-patient rehabilitation. During the next three weeks, he endured excruciating physical therapy multiple times a day.

His journey was only just beginning. Through being unable to bear any weight on his left leg, coping with relentless pain, requiring assistance to walk or perform any daily activities, he persevered.

Shortly after returning home, Officer Morabe’s mother passed away, after a long-fought battle of her own. RIP Rosalie Morabe.

Over nine months, Officer Morabe worked tirelessly with physical therapists, doctors, partners, friends, and his wife to recover. He learned he had sustained significant nerve damage that was affecting the full function of his lower leg. Regardless, he was determined to return full duty as a motor officer.

Despite the odds, he returned to work light duty in January 2016. With daily practice, he learned to operate and adapt the way he shifts gears on his personal motorcycle. In May of 2016, Officer Morabe returned to work full-duty. Determined to be a motor officer, he successfully demonstrated his competence on the police motorcycle and was cleared 10-8.

His return is a testament to his determination to heal, adapt and overcome. He still works with physical therapists and doctor to recover his strength, but he is doing what he loves. He is an Oceanside Police Motor Officer.
Officer Morabe showed true courage and determination to come back when most would have retired. He is an inspiration to us all


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