Police Officer Mark Collins

On the night of March 11, 2015 Police Officer Mark Collins was working as part of the Second Precinct Gang Team. Officer Collins working with two partners observed a speeding vehicle which was driving erratically on Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station. The Officers stopped the vehicle and approached on foot. During the car stop, one of the occupants, a known gang member, fled on food and was immediately pursed and overtaken by Officer Collins. A violent confrontation ensued during which Officer Collins deployed his taser which was not effective in incapacitating the individual. Officer Collins then engaged in a violent struggle of hand-to-hand combat.

During the struggle the suspect produced a handgun and fired four shots, striking Officer Collins twice, once in the neck and once in his hip area. As a result, Officer Collins was seriously wounded and suffered temporary paralysis impairing the use of his right arm and leg. Due to the extent of his injuries, Officer Collins was unable to draw his weapon. The suspect fled shortly after the shooting.

Although seriously wounded, Officer Collins was able to radio for help. Despite his partial paralysis, he positioned himself to facilitate recovery by the responding Officers. He was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital where a trauma team led by Dr. James Vosswinkle was successful in saving his life. The subject was later located and arrested within one hour of the shooting.

Officer Mark Collins worked diligently on his recovery and physical therapy with an eye toward returning to work as rapidly as possible. His testimony was instrumental in obtaining the conviction of his assailant for attempted murder. Officer Collins continues to serve the citizens of Suffolk County with distinction as a member of the Department’s Emergency Service Station.


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