Kelly, James

210 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

Jacobs’ guilt is exceedingly doubtful. He was indicted with two others who were unquestionably guilty, one of whom has confessed, and stated that Jacobs had no connection whatever with the crime, a statement which is amply confirmed by all the circumstances of the case.

March 2, 1900, James Kelly. Sentenced December 6, 1899; county, Madison; crime, being a tramp; term, one hundred and thirty days; prison, Onondaga County Penitentiary.

Recommended by the committing magistrate and by a number of reputable citizens of Oneida county, where the prisoner and his parents reside. He is a young man of good character, not in any sense a tramp or vagrant, and was convicted under a misapprehension of the facts.

December 4, 1900. Frank Ryan. Sentenced September 10, 1900; county, Kings; crime, violating Liquor Tax Law; term, one hundred and thirty days, or fine of six hundred and fifty dollars; prison, Kings County Jail.

Ryan was convicted of trafficking in liquors without having obtained a tax certificate. He had applied for a certificate and paid the fee but commenced business before the certificate was actually issued. The judges, although entirely satisfied that he had no intention of violating the law, still felt bound to impose the prescribed penalty. They now unite with many citizens in a very earnest appeal for Ryan’s pardon.

December 20, 1900. Harry E. Sherman. Sentenced August 24, 1900; county, New York; crime, attempting to commit burglary, second degree; maximum term, five years; prison, State Reformatory.


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