Bates, Carey


January 9, 1900. Carey Bates. Sentenced January 31, 1899; county, New York; crime, assault, second degree; term, five years; prison, Sing Sing.

The jury accompanied their verdict with a strong recommendation of mercy. From a careful examination of the evidence it would seem that they ought rather to have acquitted the prisoner, it being practically undisputed that he acted in defense of himself and his wife against a most brutal and inexcusable assault by a mob organized for the purpose of driving him and other negroes out of the neighborhood. All of the jurors join in the petition for his pardon and the district attorney recommends it.

January 17, 1900. John Sullivan. Sentenced June 29, 1897; county, New York; crime, burglary, third degree; term, four years and six months; prison, Sing Sing.

January 17, 1900. Max Hutsedt. Sentenced June 29, 1897; county, New York; burglary, third degree; term, four years six months; prison, Sing Sing.

The evidence against these prisoners was barely sufficient to render their conviction legal. The pardons are granted on account of the doubt as to their guilt.

February 13, 1900. Saul Jacobs. Sentenced February 9, 1898; county, New York; crime, grand larceny, first degree; term, eight years; prison, Sing Sing.


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