O’Brien, William


January 3, 1900. Chiara Cignarale. Sentenced June 3, 1887, to be executed, and sentence commuted, July 27, 1888, to imprisonment for life; county, New York; crime, murder, first degree; prison, New York Penitentiary and State Prison for Women.

Commuted to eleven years, five months and ten days, actual time.

The prisoner was convicted of murder for killing her husband. She committed the crime, being exasperated by his long-continued cruel and inhuman treatment, and although his conduct furnished no justification for her act, it may, under all the circumstances of the case, be properly taken into account in considering her application for mitigation of punishment. She had always been a woman of good character and her conduct during her imprisonment has been in all respects commendable. She has now been imprisoned for a term which, with the reduction allowed for good conduct in cases of imprisonment for less than life, is equivalent to more than twenty years. The commutation has been very earnestly requested personally and officially by Baron Fava, the Italian Ambassador at Washington.

January 8, 1900, William O'Brien. Sentenced November 20, 1896; county, New York; crime, grand larceny, first degree; term, ten years; prison, Sing Sing.

Commuted to three years, one month and nineteen days, actual time.


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