Leonardl, Pasquale

226 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

life; prison, New York Penitentiary and State Prison for Women.

Commuted to eight years, eight months and five days, actual time.

The prisoner, driven to desperation by the brutal treatment of her husband, shot him. She was then twenty years old. She has now been imprisoned for a term which is the legal equivalent of nearly fourteen years. During the whole of it she has suffered greatly from a most painful illness from which she will probably never recover. Her conduct has been excellent. Something over a year ago a very earnest appeal was made by the officers of the penitentiary for clemency in her behalf as a reward for her having at the risk of her own life saved that of a child at a fire in one of the penitentiary buildings. A number of people of the highest character have taken a deep interest in the case, and have very strongly urged that she be released.

December 31 1900. Pasquale Leonardi. Sentenced February 2, 1895; county, Montgomery; crime, murder, second degree; term, life; prison, Clinton.

Commuted to five years, ten months and twenty-four days, actual time. This commutation is strongly recommended by Judge Stover, before whom the prisoner was tried, by Attorney-General Davies, who is familiar with all the facts, by the county judge, and by many other leading citizens of Montgomery county. In fact the sentiment there in favor of the commutation seems unanimous. It is clearly shown that Leonardi was a man of good character, and that at the time of the homicide he was practically insane, the result of the rough and outrageous treatment to which he had been subjected, so that really he was not responsible for his act.


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