Clayton, Arthur

Commutations 223

punished, having served half the term and this being his first offense. It also appears that after his arrest he caused the stolen property or the greater part of it to be returned to the owners.

November 16, 1900. Arthur Clayton. Sentenced May 17, 1899;county, Monroe; crime, receiving stolen property; term, five years, maximum; prison, State Reformatory. Transferred to Auburn.

Commuted to one year, five months and twenty-three days, actual time.

Clayton was convicted of receiving a stolen bicycle said to be worth $40. By his transfer to the prison he will be required serve a term of five years less such commutation as he may earn for good behavior. The judge says that he would not have imposed a sentence of that severity and that in his opinion the term already served is sufficient.

November 16, 1900. James Ward. Sentenced February 27, 1896;county, Oneida; crime, burglary, third degree; term, five years, maximum; prison, State Reformatory. Transferred to Clinton.

Commuted to four years, eight months and nine days, actual time.

Ward stole some lead pipe from a vacant house. He has already served more than a year longer than the maximum term prescribed for his offense, the usual deduction being made, and the judge and the district attorney think he ought to be released.

November 16, 1900. Dominick Rico. Sentenced October 25, 1893;county, Queens; crime, burglary, second degree; term, ten years, maximum; prison, State Reformatory, Transferred to Auburn.


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