Cave, Louis

222 Public Papers Of Governor Roosevelt

August 17, 1900. Albert Ross. Sentenced May 4, 1892; county, Richmond; crime, burglary, first degree; term, seventeen years, seven months; prison, Sing Sing.

Commuted to eight years, three months and seventeen days, actual time.

Ross was jointly indicted with Carl Fischer, whose sentence has been commuted for reasons last-above stated. His eyesight has become seriously impaired, and he is threatened with total blindness, which, perhaps, can be averted by proper treatment, but this he cannot have at the prison. He has been an exceptionally good prisoner, and the prison officers ask for his release.

August 27, 1900. Louis Cave. Sentenced September 28, 1898;county, Niagara; crime, forgery, second degree; term, five years; prison, Auburn. Commuted to one year, ten months, twenty-six days, actual time. The term already served, being equivalent to about two years and six months, is deemed sufficient for the crime committed the forging of a check for twenty-five dollars; and the prisoner is released upon the very earnest petition of the complainant in whose employ he was when he committed the forgery, and who will take him at once again into his service. August 27, 1900. Reuben Goldstein. Sentenced November 21,1898; county, New York; crime, grand larceny, first degree; term, five years; prison, Sing Sing.

Commuted to one year, nine months and eight days, actual time.

Recommended by judge, district attorney, and complainants, on the ground that the prisoner has been sufficiently


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