Beyer, John

Commutations 221

Granted on the petition of the complainant and of others who were witnesses of the crime and are acquainted with all the facts, on the ground that the punishment already imposed has been sufficient. Until charged with this offense, Cosgrove had always borne a good character, and upon an examination of the case there is some doubt as to whether the offense really amounted to robbery.

August 6, 1900. John Beyer. Sentenced June 28, 1899; county, Erie; crime, grand larceny, second degree; term, two years and three months; prison, Auburn.

Commuted to one year, one month and ten days, actual time. Recommended by Judge Emery, who imposed the sentence, by the district attorney, by the complainant, and many other citizens of Buffalo. Judge Emery writes that if facts recently brought to his attention had been known to him at the time, he would not have sentenced Beyer for a longer term than he has now served.

August 17, 1900. Carl Fischer. Sentenced May 4, 1892; county, Richmond; crime, burglary, first degree; term, seventeen years and seven months; prison, Sing Sing.

Commuted to eight years, three months and seventeen days, actual time.

Very strongly urged by Judge Barnard, who imposed the sentence, by Thomas W. Fitzgerald, who was district attorney at the time, by Governor Voorhees, of New Jersey, by Cornelius Van Cott, of New York, and many others. This was Fischer's first offense, he was quite young when convicted, and has now served, with the reduction allowed for good conduct, a term of thirteen years.


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