Trustee for Life

Barbara Berryman Brandt
Tweed Roosevelt

Honorary Trustee

The Hon. George H. W. Bush

Trustees, Class of 2017

VADM David Architzel, USN (Ret.)
Paula Pierce Beazley
CAPT David Ross Bryant, USN (Ret.)
Thomas A. Campbell
Dr. Alice L. George
Dr. Gary P. Kearney
Amy Krueger
Cordelia D. Roosevelt
Prof. Franklin D. Roosevelt III
Simon C. Roosevelt
Dr. William N. Tilchin
LtCol Gregory A. Wynn, USMC

Trustees, Class of 2018

Rudolph J. Carmenaty
Gary A. Clinton
Barbara J. Comstock
The Hon. Melissa C. Jackson
Stephen B. Jeffries
Dr. Gene Kopelson
CDR Theodore Roosevelt Kramer, USN (Ret.)
Richard S. Lenat
RADM P. W. Parcells, USN (Ret.)
Genna Rollins
Elizabeth E. Roosevelt
Keith Simon
Owen Smith
James Strock
Dr. John E. Willson

Trustees, Class of 2019

Mark A. Ames
Lowell E. Baier
Michele Bryant
Prof. Geoffrey Cowan
David A. Folz
Nicole E. Goldstein
Steven M. Greeley
Dr. Michael S. Harris
Susan Lee
Michael F. Moran
Amanda Carow Roosevelt Morgan
Jessica O’Keeffe
Shawn R. Thomas


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