Troy Commissioner of Education, bill to appoint a (A. 1358)

124 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

Veto of Assembly Bill No. 1358, to Appoint a Commissioner of education in the City of Troy

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, April 25, 1900

Memorandum filed with Assembly bill No. 1358, entitled “An Act to appoint a Commissioner of Education in and for the city of Troy, and to provide for the government and support of the public schools of said city”—Not approved

I withhold my signature from the Troy School bill. There are many excellent features in the proposed bill, but it is so revolutionary in its nature that I deem it inexpedient to sign it at the present time, especially in view of the fact that the present Mayor will during his term be able to change completely the personnel of the present board. With all of this legislation it must be remembered that the legislation itself, though it may be important, is less important than the administration. Whether we get good or bad government in our cities is mainly a matter of administration. Beyond question this bill has been pushed with a desire to better the conditions of the schools of Troy, and equally beyond question the desire for some such bill has arisen because of the summary dismissal of teachers for political reasons at times in the past. It is exceedingly important to get rid entirely of political considerations in dealing with the schools. By


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