Bill to compensate Municipal Court employees (A. 2069)

154 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, May 5, 1900

Memorandum filed with Assembly bill No. 2069, introduced by Mr. Green, entitled "An Act authorizing the board of estimate and apportionment of the city of New York to audit and allow and also authorizing the comptroller of the city of New York to pay to certain persons compensation for services actually rendered to the city of New York in the municipal courts of the city of New York, as attendants and stenographers in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-one pending the preparation of municipal civil service eligible lists for the position of attendants and stenographers" — Not approved

The bill proposes to pay for the services of seven attendants, one stenographer, and one interpreter employed in the municipal courts from August 11, 1899, to January 1, 1900, "pending the preparation by the municipal civil service commission of eligible lists for the positions in question". The quoted words are misleading. For the more numerous of these classes — attendants — a list containing 217 names was published on July 17; for the position of court stenographer a list containing 26 names had been published on May 16; and a list for interpreter was published very shortly afterward, on September 27. Regular appointments might have been made from each of these lists. Such appointments were not made, however, the persons named in this bill being continued in violation of the law, and in spite of repeated protests. The civil service commission declined to permit the payment of their salaries. This effort virtually to set aside the law in their favor, is the result.

Theodore Roosevelt



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