Margaret C. Considine (A.1971)

Omnibus Veto 157

1899 in the Department of Charities to the so-called position of Superintendent of Bellevue Hospital Dispensary. GARVEY was appointed to the position in question without certification by the civil service commission, while various appropriate lists existed from which an appointment might have been made. Payment for his services was refused by both the Commission and the Comptroller on that ground, after the various temporary appointments existing at the time the new rules were framed were vacated.

Theodore Roosevelt
State Of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, May 5, 1900

Memorandum filed with Assembly bill No. 1971, introduced by Mr. Guider, entitled "An Act to confer jurisdiction upon the court of claims to hear, audit and determine the alleged claim of heirs, executors and administrators of Margaret C. Considine deceased" Not — approved

This is an act to allow the court of claims to pass upon the claim of MARGARET CONSIDINE for damages alleged to have been sustained by reason of the cancellation of her license for a saloon. The cancellation of these certificates is made by the court and large numbers of these cancellations are continually being made. To allow an appeal to each one of the persons who feel aggrieved by such cancellation would be practically opening the door to hundreds of claims who secases have already been passed upon by the court.

Theodore Roosevelt


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