Galveston Disaster, relating to the

The Galveston Disaster 189


State Of New York
Executive Chamber

A terrible calamity has overwhelmed the city of Galveston, in the State of Texas. Hundreds of homes are desolated. Thousands of citizens are dead. A still greater number are without food or shelter, enduring untold hardship and privation. At such times a generous people hastens to relieve the suffering and ameliorate the distress of those so grievously afflicted. Now, therefore, I,

Theodore Roosevelt,

Governor of the State of New York, do earnestly request that the people of this State, with that spirit of generosity which has ever characterized them, hasten to contribute from their abundance to the relief of our fellow citizens who are in such dire need.

And I do hereby appoint J. Pierpont Morgan, of New York; William Berri, of Brooklyn; Robert C. Pruyn, of Albany; Francis N. Mann, of Troy; Frederick Fink, of Utica; Frank H. Hiscock, of Syracuse; William E. Werner, of Rochester, and James A. Roberts, of Buffalo, a committee to receive subscriptions and forward the same to the properly constituted authorities in Texas.

DONE at the Capitol in the city of Albany this thirteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred.

Theodore Roosevelt

By the Governor: [Privy Seal]
Wm. J. Youngs
Secretary to the Governor


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