Justice Chase to Trial Term at Utica

126 Public Papers Of Governor Roosevelt

This act relates solely to the question of providing for attendants for the Supreme Court and the County Court in and for the county of Queens. The county of Queens, notwithstanding chapter 378 of the Laws of 1897, remains a municipal corporation for certain purposes as completely as if that act had not been passed. The maintenance and expense of conducting, the courts of the county are a county charge and are in no sense a charge upon the city as a municipal corporation. The money necessary to pay the officers, the appointment of which is provided for in this bill, must be raised by a county tax imposed upon the county of Queens, and not by a city tax imposed upon the city of New York as a whole.

It is clearly manifest that the proposed law does not in any wise affect the property, affairs or government of any of the several departments of the city of New York and therefore it is not such a law as is required by the Constitution to be submitted to the mayor of New York for his action thereon.

Theodore Roosevelt

Designation of Justice Chase to Hold the Trial Term at Utica

State of New York
Executive Chamber

WHEREAS the Trial Term of the Supreme Court appointed to be held at the city of Utica on the first Mon-


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