Memorandum filed with approved bill regulating compensation of interpreters, Queens County (S.345)

Court Interpreters' Pay 137

Memorandum Filed With Approved Senate Bill No. 345, Regulating the Compensation of Interpreters in Kings County

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, May 5, 1900

Memorandum filed with Senate bill No. 345, introduced by Senator D. F. Davis, entitled “An Act to amend section three hundred and sixty of the code of civil procedure”—Approved

This bill was transmitted to the Mayor of New York and vetoed by him, probably by mistake. It provides for an increase in the compensation of interpreters in the surrogate’s and county court in the county of Kings. It is made a county charge and has no relation to the affairs of the government of the city. I do not consider that under this class it is a proper measure to go to the Mayor and have therefore signed the same.


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