Memorandum filed with approved bill relating to court attendants in Queens (S. 1060)

Veto — Bill for Troy School Commission 125

section ten of the proposed bill, this is recognized and provided for in excellent shape, but at present it seems to me unwise to turn the schools over to a single commissioner who would change whenever a new party came into power. I think this would deprive the schools of a needed element of permanence.

Theodore Roosevelt

Memorandum Filed With Approved Senate Bill No. 1060,Relating to Court Attendants in the County of Queens

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, April 25, 1900

Memorandum filed with Senate bill No. 1060, entitled “An Act relating to attendants upon the Supreme Court and County Court in and for the County of Queens”—Approved

This bill was passed in both branches of the Legislature and went to the mayor of the city of New York for approval. It was returned to the Executive Department not approved. This is the first instance in which a bill vetoed by the mayor has received Executive approval except where it has been re-passed by both houses of the Legislature over the mayor’s veto, and it is proper that the reasons which influenced the Governor in signing this bill should be stated.


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