Memorandum filed with appointment of New York Charter Revision Commission

122 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

as Associate Justice of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in and for the Third Judicial Department from and after the first day of May 1900, in the place of D. CADY HERRICK whose designation as such Associate Justice has been revoked at his own request.

GIVEN under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State at the Capitol in the city of Albany this twenty-fourth day of April in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred.

Theodore Roosevelt

By the Governor:[L.S]
WM. J. Youngs
Secretary to the Governor

Memorandum Filed With the Appointment of the New York Charter Revision Commission

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, April 25, 1900

Memorandum filed with the appointment of the commission to revise the charter of the city of New York, created by chapter 465 of the Laws of 1900

The act under which this commission is appointed is an Act providing for there vision of the Greater New York Charter. The law does not impose any restrictions


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