Moral, notary public – Matter of

Matter of B. Moral, Notary 199

mitted it simply makes him guilty of another type of moral turpitude. It is not possible to exact a high standard of public service and at the same time to condone such conduct as that of Doctor Wise, and he is accordingly removed from office.

Theodore Roosevelt

Matter of Bernhard Moral, Notary Pub-Lic — Order Dismissing Charges

State of New York
Executive Chamber

In the Matter of the Charges preferred against Bernhard Moral a Notary Public of and for the county of New York by Joseph H. Stiner of the city of New York— Order dismissing charges Charges of improper and dishonorable conduct in office having been preferred against Bernhard Moral a notary public of and for the county of New York by Joseph H. Stiner of the same county and a copy of said charges having been served upon him and an opportunity given him to make a defense thereto, and he having answered denying said charges, and the matter having been thereafter duly referred to the Honorable William J. Youngs as commissioner to take testimony as to said charges and to report the material facts which he deemed established by the evidence, and the said commissioner having proceeded upon such hearing and taken the testimony which was offered by either side and having immediately filed his



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