Hulett, Sheriff – Matter of

Re Hulett — Appointment of Commissioner 179

Matter of Hulett, Sheriff of Washington County —Appointment of a Commissioner

State of New York
Executive Chamber

In the Matter of the Charges preferred against John M. Hulett the sheriff of the county of Washington

Charges having been preferred against JOHN M. HULETT the sheriff of the county of Washington by JOHN G. SMART of the village of Cambridge in the said county of Washington and a copy thereof having been served upon the said sheriff with notice to show cause why he should not be removed from such office and the said JOHN M. HULETT having filed his answer making general denial to the charges preferred therein;

I do hereby appoint CHARLES E. PALMER of Schenectady in the county of Schenectady the commissioner to take testimony and the examination of witnesses as to the truth of said charges and to report the same to me and also the material facts which he may deem to be established by the evidence; and

It is hereby ordered that the Attorney General of the State of New York conduct the inquiry and examination in the prosecution of the said charges; and

It is hereby further ordered that the said examination


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