Cowing, City Judge – Matter of

Re Cowing — Dismissal of Charges 185

Matter of Judge Rufus B. Cowing Order Dismissing Charges

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, July 11, 1900

In the Matter of the Charges against the Honorable Rufus B. Cowing, City Judge of the city of New York

One ERNEST BOHM and others having preferred charges against the Hon. RUFUS B. COWING, City Judge of the City of New York, the matter was immediately referred by me to the Attorney General. The Attorney General has handed me the following opinion.

The Honorable, the Governor.

SIR: I have received and examined the letter addressed to you by ERNEST BOHM, Corresponding Secretary of the Central Federated Union, making certain charges against Hon. RUFUS B. COWING, City Judge of the City of New York.

In my opinion you have no jurisdiction or authority to entertain any charges against the City Judge or to institute or prosecute any proceedings against him form is conduct in office, such jurisdiction being solely vested in the court for the trial of impeachments.

Yours respectfully,
Attorney General".


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