Navy, transmitting a letter from the Secretary of the

Message Transmitting Letter 87

Message Transmitting a Letter From the Secretary of the Navy

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, March 5, 1900

To The Legislature: The attached letter from Honorable JOHN D. LONG, Secretary of the Navy, explains itself. I very earnestly recommend that the request of the Secretary of the Navy be granted. If there is one branch of the National public service which should be kept at the very highest point of efficiency, it is the navy; and if there is one State which more than any other is peculiarly interested in the navy, it is New York State. As part of the American nation, New York has always done its share in up holding the navy, and now that it is called upon to act in its capacity as a State, I earnestly hope that it will comply with there quest of Secretary Long.

Theodore Roosevelt



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