New York Rapid Transit, bill relative to

82 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

efficient service, being promoted, reduced or dismissed strictly in accordance with the capacity, industry and good conduct of which they give proof. There must be legislation to secure the permanence of any such system.

Fourth. A revision of the laws in regard to the letting of public contracts and of advertising, so as to prevent a repetition of the matters animadverted upon in the portion of my annual message on the subject of the canals, recently laid before your body.

I again earnestly ask your attention to this subject than which no other can be more vital to the welfare of the State.

Theodore Roosevelt

Certification of the Necessity of the Passage of Assembly Bill Int. No. 472, Relating to Rapid Transit in New York City

State of New York
Executive Chamber

To The Legislature: It appearing to my satisfaction that the public interest requires it; THEREFORE In accordance with the provisions of section fifteen of article three of the Constitution and by virtue of the authority there by conferred upon me, I do hereby certify to the necessity of the immediate passage of Assembly bill, Introductory number 472,entitled "An act to amend chapter 378 of the laws of 1897 entitled 'An


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