Commerce of New York, with report on

Message — Commerce of New York

Commission to Examine Into the Sanity of Antonio Ferraro, Convict

State of New York
Executive Chamber

Charles L. Dana, M. D. of the city of New York and Samuel Ward, M. D. of the city of Albany are hereby appointed commissioners to make examination as to the sanity of Antonio Ferraro now confined in Sing Sing Prison under sentence of death, and to report thereon with their conclusions touching the same; such report to be made to me in writing. GIVEN under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State at the Capitol in the city of Albany this twenty-second day of January in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred. [L S]

Theodore Roosevelt

By the Governor:
Wm. J. Youngs
Secretary to the Governor

Message Accompanying Report of the Commission on the Commerce of New York

State of New York
Executive Chamber,
Albany, January 25, 1900

To the Legislature:

I herewith transmit the report of the New York Commerce Commission which was appointed by my predeces-


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