Letter to Mr. DeForest

278 Public Papers of Governor Roosevelt

Letter to Mr. De Forest Giving Reasons for a Tenement House Commission

State of New York
Executive Chamber
April 16, 1900

Robert W. De Forest, Esq., New York City:

My Dear Sir: After much thought I have decided in accordance with your suggestion to appoint a large Tenement House Commission of fifteen men. I do this for these reasons: In the first place, because I find that I wish to represent many different interests; that is, I wish to have lawyers, architects, builders, men prominently connected with charitable work and other forms of philanthropy, men who have taken part in political work of an administrative kind, men who have been owners of tenement houses and men who have been practically interested already in securing a change for the better in tenement house conditions. Moreover, I find that some of the men whom I especially desire to have on the commission will be unable to spare as much time as they would desire for it, but they can take part in a big commission which would delegate certain branches of the work to sub-committees.

I hereby request you to call the first meeting of the commission a tan early date so that the Commission can elect a chairman and promptly get down to work.

Faithfully yours,

Theodore Roosevelt



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