Letter to Mr. DeBerard


Letter to Mr. De Berard Relative to the Water Supply of the City of New York

State of New York
Executive Chamber
Albany, April 6, 1900

Frederick B. De Berard, Esq., Merchants' Association, New York City:

My Dear Sir: I thank you for your letter of the 29th ultimo. The veto by the mayor of the Fallows bill, and the passage over his veto of the bill against the practically solid opposition of his party representatives in the Legislature, has emphasized the wisdom of following out just the course we followed this year.

The work already done by the Merchants' Association has brought about two most valuable results: first, the Fallows bill, the principle of which was suggested by you in November last, and the passage of which your agitation made practicable; and, second, the exposure of the true character of the Ramapo scheme, whereby you have checked its present consummation and made future remedial legislation certain. You have thus achieved present protection for the city, so that the immediate urgency is


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