At the Dewey Arch Fund Concert


Address at the Dewey Arch Fund Concert, New York City, February 6, 1900

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We have come here to pay honor to the Admiral whose name stands second to that of Farragut alone in our naval annals, the Admiral who has added to the honor and renown of the American name, who has written a fresh page in the glorious history of American patriotism and valor. But we have come to do even more than that, for we have come to try to build a monument which in keeping fresh the memory of what has been done, will inspirit us to exercise the care and the foresight, no less than the courage, which shall guarantee that the future shall reproduce the past. In no way can we better please Admiral Dewey than by extending our glad acknowledgment of our debt, not only to him, not only to the men with him on that hot spring day when he sailed into Manila Bay to strike the last shattering stroke against Spain's empire in the tropic East, but also to the men of every kind, the secretaries of the navy, the congressmen, the shipwrights, the gun-smiths, the officers and enlisted men who, each working in his own way and according to his own capacity, had during the fifteen preceding years built up the navy which


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